10 k to 250k Salary 

 I decided to take on companies with no marketing and branding and to transform them, after I left Akamai. This allowed me to get in on progressive titles, that I dictated, and I could push salary. People could see what I was doing and my salary and title increased and any company I took on was the place to be, after a month, from a marketing perspective. I worked long hours to get their visual identity perfect with designers.  The issue with this approach, is that people took the credit. I was doing the impossible and people used that to say they did the work. One of them even removed the 'before' branding off 'way back machine', to hide the dramatic change. Note, I had no network. I went to the USA with a degree and no university network, in that country. The strategy was to take on projects and build a career that would lead to CMO titles in bigger orgs, from smaller ones, and to have a portfolio for a a marketing agency, if I wanted to take that road.  Eventually, I was equipped with just that, a strong portfolio, massive Linkedin network and I could either build an agency or take CMO roles at bigger and bigger companies.


My point with this is not to show I succeeded, but to show, I didn't. I was stopped by an organization known as the 666. They are the same people who keep people in war, in ghettos, on the streets, etc. I don't care about a career. I care about exposing this organization, finding out who they killed in connection to the monitoring of me, specifically.  I need to know who died because of the 666 game with me as the "Queen of Thrones", where I was told they murder people in my cauldron (they call it) and they give me the karma. There is a game of some sort. Finding this out is all I care about.

Anyway, this was the trajectory, 


I was lucky to begin, in tech, at Computer Market Research. The CEO was tough, but he respected people. He understood people. It was very useful for me to be around this. He was a person who believed in me and he continued to, throughout my career. They were wonderful references for me. I looked forward to reference stage, in any interview. 

After years of absorbing CRM and around the nurturing guidance of Del Heles and Rick Bussell, at CMR, I went back to Ireland. I began to work, at Globoforce.  They worked me to death. I am surprised I lived through it. I worked so much, with no credit given. The whole experience, impacted my health and well being. I lived close to the office to give them my complete attention, for the project, but it was like hitting my head off a wall. 12 hour days with no credit, ever.  My bosses just managed up. the CEO was arrogant. Acting Too cool to notice you existed, as you poured your entire life's time into his company, for pennies? How could he avoid meeting people in person, in a tiny office? He used to walk past to his office and act like you were not a human and he only talked to C-level executives. With about 30 employees?

From here, I worked at H + A, Pat Kiernan. I found him to be fine, there were a few things, where we felt he didn't give us time to prepare for client meetings, and i felt it was to make us seem incompetent, but I don't know.  Generally, he is a good person, in my opinion. He was known for coming up with a creative Bullmer's advert. I worked with another woman, who is in PR. She is a neighbor and in all my years working in marketing, she was one of the best PR people I met. She kept it simple and creative. 

I left that agency because I wanted to go back to the USA. In Ireland, I was working with Mangan's wholesale and others, and they were so nice to work with. So respectful. But, I wanted to go back into Technology. I wanted to go back to the USA. 


In Boston, I had a few job offers and  I took Akamai. I jumped from 35,000 Euros to 75,000 dollars, at this point. 


At Akamai, I was able to immediately expand my network because I had a big marketing budget and my job was to vet programs. So, all day I met with vendors or publishers and gaged what online program, we should use, to bring deals to sales. I had to report what we did and spent, monthly. This allowed me to expand my network.  I did creative programs and I am very detailed and I like to have a complete circle, so I was bringing in deals that closed. I am detailed in the macro sense, mostly, which is what matters. I was in late, getting everything to sales, so they could close deals and i had marketing people angry at me for not following the process, that would slow them down. Sales and I got along. 


I left Akamai because I was in a new business unit, with a big budget and I worked under a man, there. But, the marketing department was structured under a CMO and his right hand communications specialist. They wanted me under her, with only her direction. I was doing really well and they didn't want me having a direct line up, they wanted it under them. One of them pulled me into a room and said "I was made jump, u will jump for me" and I left, the next day, to a job I had already been reviewing, a director role, more money, on the executive team of a mobile middleware company. At this point I was making 85,000 dollars. 

I went into Vaultus and they had primitive marketing, so it was easy, in one way. I was given space to create and there was a shadow VC, who was very helpful. I liked the team and the daily experience was interesting.  I got to meet with RIM, AT & T, Verizon, Microsoft, etc. Again, it expanded my network. I was also able to use my Akamai network to get discounts. They vendors knew me as the person who spends money with them, so they used to invite me to events and answer me if I reached out, quickly.  However, with Vaultus, we expected a mobile wave to hit and a recession did, instead. I spent long evenings with sales venting to me, before they were fired. I took their stress on and I was under pressure. I was kept on until the end and I was able to impact the business with visual marketing and programs and dedicated branding.  I left, when they were sold. Just before. It was a successful sale to Antennae, considering it was during a recession. We did our best. 

I went on a very difficult project, but a rewarding one. Bluesocket. It was a 13 year old failing company and they needed to rebrand. I worked hard on analyst relations, messaging, a new visual identity, partner marketing. They were sold, to Adtran, quickly. The CEO took credit for my work, all the time. it was what it was. But, an analyst said, we know it was you. I was in a Director role, at Bluesocket, on the executive team and I met with Venture Capitalists. I expanded my network and my Linkedin took shape. 

I went on to Xebialabs, and told them I could only do short-term. I upped my title to VP of Marketing and my salary to over 100,000. I launched them, from a marketing perspective, in the USA. I worked long hours with a designer to get their visual identity to a gorgeous place and I ghost wrote for the CEO. I worked non-stop at this job, from an apartment, in Boston. I worked so much, my only breaks were to go for a run/walk or once, in a year, I went to meet a friend for dinner.


There was a German VP of Products and  I have never worked with anyone who does nothing, until then. He thought he could wing everything, calling himself a genius?  He took long weekends on both sides of the weekend and simply lied saying he did our work.  His ability to do that, was chilling. . Regardless, to me this company was a portfolio example so I kept working hard to do my job and I left because of this VP and the CEO being corrupt. 

At this point I was offered 4 jobs. A CMO job, at Beecube, a job at Sleepys and two roles, in NYC. I took a VP of Marketing, at Madison Logic. My salary did not take a big jump. I think I was, on paper, 125,000, but I did make a move into a big city, so it was valuable for me to work on this project. I worked non stop. Lived at 37 Wallstreet and worked week + nights, weekends. I found the environment to be misogynistic in criminal ways. I had female staff coming to me crying about it. Vin Turk, I found to be competitive. he took it personally, if i had an idea that he hadn't, in an Executive meeting.  Erik Matlick was inappropriate, mocking people. He was really unprofessional, but we all worked around it.  I finished the work, to be able to add it to my portfolio and I left. 

I worked with eWayDirect, after this. I created a beautiful shift in branding and I worked on strategy. I worked hard on the project and it was shorter term, as decided, at interview. I was paid, $150,000, yearly salary.  I worked on project work, after this. For Convert Media, a company Sigbop, Boots International, Exhale Spa. 

Ted Shegalis asked to meet me, at this point. He said, he could be a mentor. Also, the CEO of Branderatti said he will help me to build an agency, if he gets 60%. I didn't take his offer, I started to conceptualize an a marketing agency, in Boston, with my contacts there, I just thought it would allow me to leverage good relationships and years of work. I wanted to work with people I knew and trusted. I could get them deals, in NYC, because of my location, but we set up, in Boston. 

At this point, I began also getting more involved with the concept of the singularity. Solving death. I went to a conference, global gF 2045 and I did a panel discussion on the topic. I spoke to a coder about us trying to create technologies to move the energy body into something with more longevity. At this point, I began hearing voices. 

Because, the voices make you believe that you are being defamed. It is part of the torture tool, I told my business partners to stop the agency project and I decided to make it a global one to mitigate risk of defamation. I set up, and started to build a platform with a partner, in India. I signed up 12 stores to join when we launched. We had retainers, e.g. a fashion brand, from Africa. We set up an Instagram and we had attention from people because our campaigns were creative. I spoke to potential investors. I think, it was macro, the strategy, I had an organization against me, at this point. I also think, in retrospect my P & L chart, for the first 12 months, were not as strong as they could have been. One VC asked for this. 

I was forced to stop the project because the harassment intensified, 3 attempts on my life. mugged/beaten up/raped/Dettained by a corrupt government. 

I went to LA and did a little job search after I recovered from the brain injury, from the mugging and I applied for a job. VP of Marketing, at Lykuid. It interested me because it was in the gaming and Dev Ops markets and I found them to be interesting. I was offered a contract for 250,000 dollars with a million in shares and investment in global fashion grid, after a year of work. They said, I can base out of Japan, if I want to. the boardmember said, we just want you as our VP of Marketing.  I turned it down, because I was hearing god in my head, at this point. I felt telling the world about the people harassing me, is more valuable, at this point. For them, and for me, on the macro timelines .