Amrinder Singh

Product Leadership, Customer Engagement.

I had the pleasure of working with Oonagh at Madison Logic. I was the head of Product Management, while Oonagh lead the Marketing efforts there. She brought a wealth of marketing know-how to the company. She was unique in the sense that along with being an accomplished marketing exec, she was also very comfortable in the technology space. She likes to spend the time understanding the product first then goes full into the marketing efforts. She is well connected in the industry, also. 

I wish her all the best, 


Miranda Salley

Information Technology Exec. 

Oonagh is a brilliant IT Marketing executive with outstanding innovative ideas and approach. She is diligent in her work holding high-standards consistently delivering impressive concepts. She is a strong leader with incredible organization skills and always impressed me with her concepts. She is spot on when it comes to reaching ideal markets and consumers and will prevail and be a valuable addition to any organization she engages with. 

Worked with Oonagh at Vaultus Mobile Technology and Bluesocket.

Sasha Fernandes

Marketing and Customer Success Strategist

A brilliant Marketing mind is a beautiful thing and Oonagh's got it. She is constantly proactive with creative ways to deploy the mobility message. Ms. O'Regan brings passion, tenacity and that warm irish spirit is indelibly infused in every interaction. It is my pleasure to make this recommendation..

Worked with Oonagh at Vaultus Mobile Technologies 


 Sr. Product Line Manager. 

I had the opportunity to work with Oonagh at Bluesocket. She is smart and hard working. She single handedly marketed launch of vWLANs on VMware and made significant impact for Bluesocket's vWLAN product name recognition. 

Worked with Oonagh at Bluesocket

Harjot Sidhu, CISSP

Boston Area PR and Marketing

Oonagh's hard work and tireless efforts helped to ensure the success of a major customer-facing event during the january 2010 National Federation's Big Show. She maintained constant focus, was always available to discuss the matter regardless of the hour or timezone. She was instrumental and her efforts helped generate significant leads for us.

Worked with Oonagh at Vaultus Mobile Technology

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Patrick Rafter

Boston Area PR and Marketing

I am proud and pleased to write an endorsement for Oonagh O'Regan. I've known, interacted and worked with Oonagh for several years and can recommend her highly. Having worked with a broad range of technology marketing/sales managers over the past 25 + years, Oonagh stands out in the crowd in several very positive ways. Beyond her dogged work ethic, Oonagh is super efficient in getting things done, has a refreshingly creative approach to marketing tech products and services that is both creative and delivers bottom line results. She not only gets the tech industry, she is shown a combination of strategic and tactical strengths, Given all those attributes plus her charm, charisma, and 'can do' spirit, I'd enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with her again. 

Worked with Oonagh, in Boston

tim zimmerman

VP at Gartner 

Oonagh is a talented and very effective communications manager. Her professional experience and knowledge bridges a variety of marketing tenants including marketing communication, branding, website design and messaging. I found her to be exceptionally well organized with a unique ability to work with people from many functions and firms on a very human and powerful level. I recommend her as a valuable asset to any organization. 

Worked with Oonagh when she was  at Bluesocket .

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Ben Henkels

Principal at Communications Management Partners

Simply put: Oonagh is a marketing marvel.

Working with Oonagh on partnership marketing while she was at Bluesocket

Rick Bussell

Previous VP of Sales at CMR

I had the opportunity to watch Oonagh during a rapid growth phase in her professional development. She quickly acquired the skills to capture and analyze complex search engine data as well as to hire and supervise a series of marketing interns. She developed a team that was instrumental in developing and providing new leads for sales. I must say that the most consistent comment I got when I checked her references turned out to be quite true. She is a pleasure to work with. I would hire her back in a heart beat. 

Worked with Oonagh at Computer Market Research

Benjamen segal

Digital Marketing and Entrepreneue

Oonagh is a sharp and talented business woman with great marketing skills. She is both creative in her ability to devise new campaigns and talented in executing them with an eye on results. Under her direction, Vaultus marketing became much more sophisticated and the level of activity increased significantly. We worked closely together on global wealth management, brokearage and high tech CRM campaigns. 

Worked with Oonagh when she was  at Vaultus Mobile Technology

Kellie Connors

Digital Marketing and Entrepreneue

Oonagh has been an invaluable partner as we've worked with her, this year. Her eagerness to do things in the most effective way possible has made the campaign stronger. Her willingness to think outside the box to create more memorable and newsworthy stories has proven to be effective time and time again. She is a great marketing partner for any team and adaptability is truly impressive. 

Worked with Oonagh at eWaydirect. 

Del Heles


Oonagh worked for me for several years and was a valued employee. I have had the opportunity to interact with her since her departure and  I was very pleased to see that she has grown and expanded her knowledge and abilities. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a prospective client or employer. 

Oonagh worked with Del Heles, at his company, Computer Market Research. 

Suresh Gandhi

Software Engineer

I worked with Oonagh on the launch of a new virtual wireless product. Oonagh is consistently excellent. The product was quite technical and she came up to speed, very quickly. Oonagh understood the market drivers and then used her experience to rapidly create the correct brand image, messaging and programs, driving the product to the forefront of the market. She lead analyst relations and has an optimal approach to this and to strong  partnerships. I look forward to working with her again in the future. 

Worked with Oonagh at Bluesocket

Craig Salk 

Senior Account Executive at IDC

I have worked with Oonagh over the past few years at Bluesocket and Vaultus and she has proven to be a very effective Marketing leader and business partner. I would highly recommend Oonagh for an early stage venture that requires strong go-to-market expertise and 24x7 commitment  to success. 

Worked with Oonagh when she was  at Vaultus Mobile Technology and Bluesocket

Deb Lovell

Media Solve Group

Oonagh is a focused and driven professional.. I worked with her across two companies and she used great skill to decipher what programs would generate maximum exposure, while generating above average targeted lead count for Sales. Working with Oonagh was easy because she always operates with integrity and is responsive and direct. I would highly recommend Oonagh.  

Worked with Oonagh at Akamai

Michael Skold

Palo Alto Networks 

Oonagh has a great attitude and a will to win. She is always open to new ideas and combines her ideas and experience with.a great ability to listen to the needs of her internal stalk holders. She proactively reaches out to the sales team to gain valuable input and to build relationships that ultimately result in added value back to the organization.  

Worked with Oonagh at Akamai

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