Antigen Tests
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.6, on 1 million Volume 


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During the harassment, I went to Athens, to try to recover. I lined up 11 job interviews, but I had to cancel each one, because of harassment. Some VP level roles. I spent, almost all of my time looking for jobs.


While, in Athens, I continued to post about my experience of hearing voices.


A Chinese woman reached out to me.  I had said that I will write up a full description of the technology. She said, I will translate it for you, if you like. We continued to interact. When back in Ireland, and now with Corvid, in full swing, she said she had Antigen tests that I could import. I contacted the major retailers and I did extensive pricing charts. We had one big retailer, almost on board and a nationwide pharmacy. We sent samples around to 10 or so businesses. 


I found the distributors, in Ireland, to be corrupt. They wanted to know who I was going to be selling to, and one even suggested he speak about what I was doing, out with his friends, on a Friday night. I told him not to. I complained him and his organization ignored the complaint. That is how corrupt Ireland is. It was like the distributors were getting information about the product and market and telling competitors it. I will find the name of the main issue there. A big organization. A Distributor who is more like a mafia and spy for their larger clients. 

The other issue was I could hear the voices that I hear monitoring me, saying they are in the Irish government reading out what I had on my screen.  We went on to import Fertilizer, but I came up against the same situation. A monopoly, with ears to the ground, all blocking each other.  I found one really honest and simple person. I would work with him, if we ever continue this, in the future.