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Antigen Tests
1:55 Euros, on 9k Volume
.6, on 1 million Volume 


Custom Proportions
Custom Packaging


Power Cleaning
Hotel Grade 
Home Devices 


I moved to Athens, to move forward, in a Low cost environment. I don't know how much I will be blocked from work. So, I need to live in a lean way. There are a wicked group of people, not even in monopolies for money, they are in them out of spite. Controlling sociopaths who walk around your world, getting a kick out of harming others. Evil does exist. I am certain.


I lined up 11 interviews and I enjoyed swimming and taking photographs and the scenery is so beautiful there. There are parts of Athens that are so unexpected. History aside, there is a vibe to the city that is artistic and musical. I was sitting in one area that I love and someone said it is the most dangerous part of Athens. I have never felt so safe there. It is an area of misfits and magicians, who have a reputation of fighting against the government. I went there all the time. There is a gorgeous under ground art gallery there, and another one in an old library. 


 While in Athens, I  continued to expose what happened to me, in the USA. My goal with that is to understand who is involved. The voices sounded like Irish people. So, maybe, Americans are innocent. I want to understand. It is not natural for people to be so evil towards someone who does nothing. But, I have dealt with bullies, in Ireland. So, maybe, it is all one group. Directing it. That makes more sense. They could be Irish. 


A woman reached out offering to translate the text  of a website to Chinese and we started to interact. Turns out she runs an import/export company, out of her city, in China. 


We spoke about global fashion grid and other potential retail partnerships. When Corvid hit, she sent me samples of antigen tests and we pitched them to retailers, in Ireland. I did cost analysis and I sourced a distributor and warehousing partner. I engaged, the import office, in Ireland, and had the pleasure of working with them on price quotes. They were great to deal with. We almost had a deal with Ireland's biggest retailer. Other brands were also interested in the tests, but for varying reasons we didn't get a deal through. Our pricing was incredible, on larger volumes, but as the market morphed with pop up antigen test solutions, in Ireland, and the demand dropping, we didn't get our foothold. 


We, also talked to people about the importing of fertiliser and other products. This is in progress.  

My issue with this supplier network, in Ireland, was corruption and gossiping about products. I had one distributor offer to discuss our deal, out with the lads, on Friday having drinks? I said, please don't, and I complained him to the his company. Suppliers wanting to know about retailers, when I was just looking for quotes. It felt small and controlled. And, do I want to live that life? The underhanded people. Distributors acting like they run you. Information going around. I don't want it. I don't want that life. There is such a thing as business, with no such secrets. U don't need to be sneaky. It is is very Irish mafia to think you have the edge by being a criminal. I just want to create and be happy..  A 1.2 million deal, every few months, and he wanted to discuss it in the pub? Adding variables to my project. After a call about their pricing.  I will find their details. I complained him to the company and they won't respond. 

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