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"Market Assist helped us to launch the first mobile commerce event for Boots. 2014 Britweek, in LA. It was a pleasure working with the Market Assist Team. 

Smart, Fast, Informed"

Nancy Capra, Digital Manager, Boots.


 I met Boots, at a meeting, at a NYC agency. I was representing eWaydirect, at the meeting. The director, at Boots took my card after the meeting and we stayed in contact. 


The first project was a small project  where we supported an event, in LA, with Squarespace, for Boots International. Boot have a head office, on Wallstreet, right across the street from where I had lived, at 37 Wallstreet.


I hired a woman who had previously worked for me to help and I specifically design directed how I wanted it to look. I sent images and described the screens I wanted. We also sorted data and uploaded that into the Squarespace application for Boots.  I was paid $1,000 and I gave all of the money to the girl I hired. Because, Boots was client 1, for a new agency I was setting up, with a group, in Boston. And that had value for me. 

After this, I emailed the Director at Boots, when I came across interesting marketing technologies. I brought the CEO of Branderati into their office to pitch his influencer technology. 

A second project, with Boots, was a video ad, for a publication. The Ad was falling crystals. I came up with the concept.

At this point, I was talking to people, in Boston, about setting up Market Assist. A physical location, in Boston. I was to do business development, in NYC, and I was the founder. 

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