Working with Boots, I first took on a small project which was supporting an event, in LA, with Squarespace. I hired a woman who had previously worked for me to help and I specifically design directed how i wanted it to look. I sent images and described the screens I wanted. We also sorted data and uploaded that into the Squarespace application for Boots.  I was paid $1,000 and i gave all of the money to the girl I hired. 

After this, I emailed the Director at Boots, when I came across interesting marketing technologies. I brought the CEO of Branderati, into their office to pitch his influencer technology. 

A second project with Boots was a video ad, for a publication. The Ad was falling crystals. I engaged a video person to do the final edit and they sent the final in the wrong size so it could not be uploaded. This was big learning for me. The learning is to do it yourself or leverage someone inhouse or trusted.  It was so strange how that all went about. 

At this point, I was talking to people in Boston about setting up Market Assist. A physical location, in Boston. I was to do business dev, in NYC, and I was the founder. We were to hire a talented CEO to run it and a board member friend of mine was also involved. He has influence, in Boston, and he could also generate business and trust. 

However, I went up to Boston, to meet with the board member, Jim Collins and the new CEO and I popped into Akamai, to say hello to those I had worked with and to ask if they had any extra marketing to offload to our new boutique marketing agency, for tech. I brought them a box of donuts. Days later, I was back in NYC, hearing voices. Hearing Akamai managers in my head. They were offloading, alright, data into my energy field and programs into my mind, but at this point, I didn't understand their technology. 

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