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Cliffs of Moher 2 .jpeg

In Ireland, I worked with H + A, marketing agency, in Cork, for a few months and my job was to market for Mangan's wholesale. I built them a Go-to-market Gant Chart of activity and helped them to relaunch Xpress Stop convenience store around the country. The Designer could not think of a logo so I drew a line under the word, and handed it to him, telling him to make the line taper like a swipe. That is their store logo, today. 

I also helped to launch the visitor center at the Cliffs of Moher. This mostly involved engaging a famous hurler to speak at the event and I drove out to the centre, on a few dark mornings to set up the Opening. 

While recovering from a head injury, in NYC. I helped a woman, in Dublin, by revamping all of her clients. I was too sick to work in an office, so I worked on her clients, at home. I wrote messaging, created ads, wrote press releases and amazing website messaging, content for brochures, flyers, postcards and did alot of design direction. She received world-class messaging for her clients and I enjoyed working on it, keeping my mind active after a brain trauma. 

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