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Delivered a New Brand Image



 I was hired at Convert Media to help with marketing. I specked out a new website in one day.  I was in a rush as I was moving out to San Francisco where I met with Indiegogo, Fuze Networks, and others about work.  I drew it out, for them, on a whiteboard. I also introduced them to my network for lead generation and thought leadership content.

I was warned about a Yarden Tadmor before I took the project. When I started he joked that I should only call into the office, from bed, with a raspy voice. I was insulted but busy and just wanted to complete the project. So, I ignored it. He had me sit in an office where he told me he is looking for a Shicksa? and how he wanted to have children. He could not make decisions and it was very confusing for those around him. One sales person quit and said he just couldn't handle his personality. 


Because Yarden competes, but wants to arrive at 10am and leave at 5pm. I irritated him.  I just got the work done, fast. I saw it as a project, not a job.  I told him I was working on a start up called "Cut Kicks", also, which was to broker tracks from bands to large agencies. This man ,Yarden, threw out our project for Convert Media, a beautiful website. That is just a mock up, on the left.  It was all I could find after the harassment, rape, injuries and hearing voices, a year locked in an institution, 3 attempts on my life. 


After approving it, weekly. It was perfectly branded, he threw it out. Why waste the money? Just give feedback?. He was then fired and set up a company, live kicks, using part of the name I mentioned. Yoav, the CEO, said it was almost impossible to get him out of the company. 

The CEO, Yoav ,called me drunk with Yarden and they were passing the phone back and forth. The project ended. Later on, a woman called me. She said, her boyfriend, Yarden, was tracking her phone and also mine and he sat in the evenings with other Israelis talking about where I had been, in a day, looking at a dashboard for some spyware. She said, she wanted to leave him but wanted to know who I was first. She said, all her credit cards went into fraud when dating him and he put the date rape drug into her drink at his apartment. She said so anyway. That she saw the residue on his drink. She said, he was up and down with mood swings. I told her to tell her family before breaking up with him and I told her I don't know why he tracks me with military software on my phone. 



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