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 I did not interact with Irish people, in the USA. My friends and network were Indian, American, Mexican, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese. When I was doing well, in NYC, I called into Enterprise Ireland about taking on projects. 

The people I met with talked negatively about Irish people, in the USA. They asked me do I know David Smith?. I said, I had met him, for a coffee, in Palo Alto. I said, he was helpful. They said, he is a big ego and he is selfish. They said Niamh Bushnell is useless and doesn't even live in Manhattan. They said, that she has a pretend career? I didn't want to work with them, after this. What would they say about me? I assumed their function was to help Irish businesses. In a place, like NYC, people need support. Israelis are so close knit and they work, together. They even helped me, inviting me to start up events. 

Around this time, A Conor Smith, in Finance, was interacting. I didn't interact with Irish people, so it was unusual for me to.  I did because I had a large network from being open to people and weaving it into my work strategies. Connecting my network and creating value this way. He asked to meet me, when he was over from Ireland.  I met him at 11am, in NYC, and he was wasted, drinking a wine and on his way to a meeting, on Wallstreet. I said, the people you are meeting will know, how can you do this?.  Months later, he said he is in town and did I want to meet up for dinner. He said he is expensing it and we can catch up about work. I met him and at the end of the meal, he said ,he had champagne in the room for us? I was shocked. He continued to try to grab me, trying to get me to kiss him. I was disgusted. He was clearly drunk and he went there with a goal and it was embarrassing and upsetting. We didn't speak again.

Years later, I was hearing free masons in my head. Harassed 24 hours a day. No sleep. I had previously spoke to investors about a project that we were working on It was basically a platform, on a server, in India. I had 12 clients waiting to get on the platform and we had discussed retainers with a few designers. I went to Enterprise Ireland with it. I was hearing voices, as I said. I tried to have a call but, you can't interact hearing the free masons talking about foul things in your ear. You can't do it. My calendar was not working, also, Which could be a number of reasons. But, Enterprise Ireland look for negatives, they are Free Masons and I think they are criminals. It is a monopoly under Varadkar and his allegiance to the USA, and his career, over our well being.  Taking back the `North is critical for Irish branding. 

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