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eWaydirect were Transformed 

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Before Madison Logic, I had a pick of Jobs. two VP roles in NYC and

a CMO role at Beecube, in San Francisco. After I left Madison logic,

I wanted to try to rectify my decision not to take the CMO role in SF

and so I went out there to interview again. I stayed downtown and met with

Indiegogo, Fuze Networks, 33 Across and other companies. I started to

talk to a COO, in CT, and he convinced me to take a CMO contract with them.

He insisted that I just give them a few months. So, I agreed. 

He said, they needed help with positioning and the CEO did not believe in things

like visual branding so the COO needed support. I immediately revamped

their visual branding, logo, website, ads. email. It was hard work.

The existing designers pushed back so hard and were degrading.

I was persistent and when it started to look amazing, they tried to take the credit.

I also worked with them on UI. Similar suggestions I made at Madison Logic.

I like a clean look, a really clean light gray that I have described, at length, to people for the UI.



Kelly Connors

Alan Hurtwitz

Jeannette de Beauvoir

PR Agency 


Jeannette and I have since collaborated on a marketing book, The Method, and I was harassed before we could finish it

Oonagh has been an invaluable partner as we've worked with her, this year. Her eagerness to do things in the most effective way possible has made the campaign stronger. Her willingness to think outside the box to create more memorable and newsworthy stories has proven to be effective time and time again. She is a great marketing partner for any team and her adaptability is truly impressive. 

Oonagh provided a strong vision and creativity to help us to elevate our brand. She accomplished this by introducing a fresh and elegant style into the design of our online presence and expanded our reach across marketing channels. 

Oonagh shows a depth and breadth of vision rarely seen in marketing executives. She sees work as a collaborative endeavor, and is therefore a dream to work with. She values others' contributions and, my most fervent hope is to find ways to work with her for the rest of my career.

Neil Rosen


I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Oonagh for almost a year, as she helped eWayDirect nail down the company's overall marketing and positioning strategy, and take the company to market. Oonagh has a solid knowledge of the technology space, is a clear and focused thinker, and is driven to execute to meet the needs and goals of clients. I would not hesitate to work with her again should the opportunity arise. 

Patricia Wilson-Reynolds

SVP, Customer Support

Oonagh is consistently looking for trends in the market. To think outside the box when executing initiatives. Her professionalism as a team player and stick-to-it-ness is always on target.

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