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Madison Logic Transformed


Madison Logic was one of my most enjoyable marketing projects. Before accepting this job, I was offered one CMO job, in San Francisco, and two VP of Marketing role, in NYC. I took the Madison Logic job because I could see, in the interview, what needed to be done.


The environment was tough, degrading to women, but I had a chance to use my previous experience, in Boston, to position them perfectly and quickly, from a marketing perspective. I enjoyed the work. 


The CEO said he based the environment on the "Mad Men" show and he had one woman saying she was dating him, the COO flirting with him and he mocked her when she left the room and a girl, who worked for me, crying about misogyny.


This is why shows like suits & Mad Men damage women. Innocent women are being targeted.

The CEO, at Madison Logic, said his COO is given pretend jobs to do around the office. He said, "She pretends to be working" and he laughed at her when she left the room. I knew, then, I wanted to make this a quick project and to leave. I worked non-stop to achieve my objective and then I left. My schedule was to go to the gym, at my apartment, on Wallstreet, at 6.30 am, at the office by 8.20 am, worked until I could take a break to go home, at about 6 pm or 8 pm, I got the train home, and then I worked to 10 pm, in the lounge/Mez level in my building. I did this all week. And, I worked at the weekends. 

A girl who I had hired said they were inappropriate to her on a boat, a party. She left crying and her boyfriend picked her up.  I didn't know how to advise. I didn't go to the events and I was targeted for not going.  Gossipers targeted the people who were not there. It was a strange environment because the CEO set the tone and mocked his own executives. The people on the floor spoke about the CEO sleeping with the COO, who he mocked. He said he gives her pretend jobs to do. She wore short skirts with stilettos. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The length short shorts go to, with no tights, with Stilettos, to the office?  Another woman said she was having a relationship with him. She was a developer. And, his brother spoke of them both loving Asian women, which was the race of the COO? Erik's wife is not Asian. And, they have four children. It was so strange.

I first energized a young and bored team. They were a little rude and I showed them that if they work hard and create freely, work will become enjoyable. A part of life, in a good way.  They went from clocking in and out to being high fived by sales and enjoying their work environment. I directed them well, holding the bigger picture and letting them expand within that. 

Amrinder Singh

VP of Products

Virginia JaEImson

PR contact who I hired

I had the pleasure of working with Oonagh at Madison Logic. I was the head of Product Management, while Oonagh lead the Marketing efforts there. She brought a wealth of marketing know-how to the company. She was unique in the sense that along with being an accomplished marketing exec, she was also very comfortable in the technology space. She likes to spend the time understanding the product first then goes full into the marketing efforts. She is well connected in the industry, also. 

I wish her all the best, 


Oonagh is an experienced marketer, creative, energetic and fun to work with. 


Sales Director at Madison Logic

Oonagh is an extremely talented marketer, she is a workaholic and will go to great lengths to get the job done. She excels in both start-ups and enterprise environments. I have enjoyed working with her for the past few months and I highly recommend her. 

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