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At Akamai, I did a few big projects. I asked for an additional budget to pitch APS (Application Performance Solutions) into Pubic Sector. Another $100,000.  We ran an excellent webinar and I coordinated it well with inside sales, so we closed deals from it. My job was also to manage Gartner events and I decided to ask the technology team could I bring the NOCC (which shows hits to the internet) to the show to stream it on a screen, at the booth. The tech guys laughed that no one had ever thought of that.


I also ran the most successful banner ads across network world with 4 smart offers (datasheets, whitepaper, etc). It consistently brought in the most leads across the company. I went to a company event and I saw the group of gossiping woman and I walked past them and stood alone and I met George Conrades, who asked what I am working on. He is one of the founders of the internet. I said, why don't you sell APS into the channel?. I said, I know the CEO of a company who has access to your buyer across the top tier of the tech channel. I looked over and those women were glaring at me and edging towards me, so I finished the conversation and walked away and went into the Science Museum to look around. 

I went on to four more companies and all were successful projects. I started to take on companies with bad marketing where I could negotiate on title and salary and when I got in the door. I made them look amazing, so I could be proud to say I ran their marketing. Many times people who are building businesses are focused on that and not necessarily marketing, or not at that time. As they need to get the process correct, before they bring in the masses. So, it worked out.  I worked non-stop. I didn't take vacations. I worked at night and on the weekends. 


There were two acquisitions and one company was offered 100 million, in seed. Leaving Boston, I had two job offers, in NYC, and one CMO job offer, in San Francisco.  I was on track to be a CMO at bigger companies or to build a marketing agency for tech start-ups. I began to build an agency, Market Assist, with partners in Boston. While up in Boston, (at this point I was living in NYC), I called into Akamai to say hello. Days later, back in NYC, I started to hear voices. I could hear Brad Rinklin and Rebecca Murtaugh, in my head, saying "Evil people run the world and we control you and monitor you" or "Paramount pictures presents Oonagh walking down the street".  Is that madness? I heard that before I checked were they connected to other companies and saw that their key investor is Universal. I don't know. 

Deb Lovell

Deb sold for IDG

Oonagh is a focused and driven professional. I worked with her across two companies and she used great skill to decipher what programs would generate maximum exposure, while generating above average targeted lead count for Sales. Working with Oonagh was easy because she always operates with integrity and is responsive and direct. I would highly recommend Oonagh.  

Nicolas Fidler

Nick sold marketing programs for leading data providers 

She was a pleasure to work with. She was very detailed and analytical in her approach to lead generation. Often forming brainstorming sessions focusing the group on how to utilize the newest programs and marketing vehicles to meet the company's goals

Michael Skold

Sales at Akamai 

Oonagh has a great attitude and a will to win. She is always open to new ideas and combines her ideas and experience with a great ability to listen to the needs of her internal stalk holders. She proactively reaches out to the sales team to gain valuable input and to build relationships that ultimately result in added value back to the organization.  

Peter Spilikas

Sales at Akamai 

Oonagh brought a high level of energy and entrepreneurial drive to a new line of business. Her ability to organize and efficiently work cross functionally with direct sales, channel sales, product management and product marketing was a contributing force to the launch and early success. 

After working as a consultant at H + A, I  worked at Akamai Technologies, in Boston.  I was surprised to learn that they are owned by Universal Studios and partners with the C.I.A and Paramount Pictures. 


At Akamai. I was given a big budget to manage. I bought programs to serve a budget for 1.2 million. It was the biggest budget, at that time, in marketing. I met all the vendors, like IDG. It really expanded my network, quickly, and this helped me when I was launching and revamping small tech companies, after this. The network I had built, at Akamai, worked with me, efficiently and the big budget had made my network, functional. 


I came in one morning and after seeing a story on CNN about Indian businesses being out of internet, because of a disaster that affected their servers. I suggested that Akamai create a data visualization showing hits to the internet with and without their Sure route technology. I then ran a campaign about it and we did press, etc. Immediately, the Product Manager, Parimal Pandya, pretended that he came up with it. . A Boston publication wrote about it and said it is an example of "Excellence in Marketing".


I started to use globe imagery, because I loved their Nocc. A showcase of hits to the internet.  I used it on my presentations and the designers started to use my design for the main site. I worked to get sales what they needed and we had a good relationship, but a woman Rebecca Murtaugh was trying to block that and make me work under her. She wanted the communication to go through her, inhibiting them. It made it difficult for them to get what they needed, at the last minute of a deal. I was working late, helping them. She was in communications and she was competing with me.  At one point. I was pulled into an office and told, "I was made jump, u will jump for me". I left the next day. I just didn't want to exist that way. Dealing with that. This is my life. So, I left her have it all. I had already spoken to Hire Minds about a Director role, in a smaller company, on the executive team, so when I was threatened, by one of the staff of that women,  I took the other job. 

When I was in NYC, after attending the Global GF 2045, I felt that to solve the question of longevity, that we needed  to combine spirituality and technology. Both fields were represented at the conference. I met with a head coder, of a team and I told him I wanted to astrally project the energy body into holographic code. So, I wanted a shaman to do the astral projection and a coder to help me code the energy body/soul and the holographic code that would accept the energy body. I had specked out a blueprint of the code of the soul, to begin.  I reached out to Alan Steinfeld and a Damien Wynne also about this project. Just around this time, I felt my life was thrown into a negative spiral and it seemed controlled.  They have since taken this video down, taken my linked in down. I had 56 recommendations. They took the panel video down and removed my linkedin. The owner of the panel video is a Alan Steinfeld. I could also hear him in my head, for years, doing Seances of some sort. 

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