Following my degree, I went to San Diego and worked at a Minute Man Press attending marketing events and doing business development. I also did large and small print jobs. I also worked at a Marriott Hotel, front desk/business lounge and other jobs. 

I was with a friend and she began talking to a CEO, in tech. She said, my friend has a degree in marketing and he hired me. His product managed data for companies selling through tiered distribution so his customers were the likes of Qualcomm, Lantronix, Exabyte, etc. He had a strong client list and an amazing product. It had channel data intelligently and beautifully displayed. I worked with him and his VP of Sales on business development,  some data work, etc. It was a great experience. I was introduced to PR, in the channel space and I could see that it had its own eco-system.

From here, I went to a start up, in Dublin. A reward and recognition business, selling recognition solutions to large customers like GE and also businesses selling through the channel, like IBM. Because,  I had learned alot about CRM at Computer Market Research. I was equipped to really make a difference at Globoforce with analytical projects. I spear headed the integration of I worked so much on this project that added some of my suggestions to their early product. I left here because my direct boss had me stand behind her in the morning while she typed an email of my work to the CEO. Asking me "what did we do then?". I left and I made sure when I managed people to do it in a way that I empowered them and let them breath and be seen. Accuracy is key. I also lent my creativity to brain storming, PR, campaigns, business development.


Del Heles

CEO @ Computer Market Research

Oonagh worked for me for several years and was a valued employee. I have had the opportunity to interact with her since her departure and  I was very pleased to see that she has grown and expanded her knowledge and abilities. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a prospective client or employer. 

Rick Bussell

VP of Sales Computer Market Research

I had the opportunity to watch Oonagh during a rapid growth phase in her professional development. She quickly acquired the skills to capture and analyze complex search engine data as well as to hire and supervise a series of marketing interns. She developed a team that was instrumental in developing and providing new leads for sales. I must say that the most consistent comment I got when I checked her references turned out to be quite true. She is a pleasure to work with. I would hire her back in a heart beat. 

Eugene StarodubTSEV

IT Manager @ Globoforce

I have been working with Oonagh for about 2 years. and I would like to say she is a real professional. I mean, real professional. Oonagh knows what to do in tricky business situations and how to achieve business  targets. Oonagh is very communicative with the other team members. She works on the current projects she is related to and she is very responsible for the words she says to clients, customers, or even her team members. Just in five words. "She is a great professional". I would like to say she is an A ++ marketing manager and professional.