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Created the Brand from Scratch

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My neighbor, in NYC, asked me to help him with his career. He said, he is finding it difficult to get a job and had spent time at Sun Microsystems. He described how he saw the sales system and He thought it was unique. I met with him and listened to what he had to say. I then made it into a story. I thought of a company name and bought the domain. I began writing up his messaging, inclusive of his concept, but in a way that told a story and aligned with Ad tech messaging, etc, in the market. 

I  sent him the wireframe for a website and a power point of ad concepts. The messaging was extensive. It took hours of me explaining how to describe it and his pushing back and then saying "Oh, ya.. I see, now" and then applying it. This is one ad below. It said "Hire the right players and make them super stars. "I sent him a document on the topic that he used for a video, on his homepage. I introduced him to a few people I felt could help him, in Europe, and discussed a beginning strategy. I have so many emails back and forth. My sending pages and pages of ideas on strategy, ads & content. 

His friend called me on skype and put this man on speaker phone ranting about me. Lies. I never spoke to him, again.

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