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I was introduced to the Singularity Concept, in Boston, by a then analyst at 451 Group.


We met at Harvard Square and he spoke about this to me. I was already interested in bionics and prosthetics.

My brother bought me the book, "The singularity is Near". I went to a few meetings about it, when I had time. I was working very, very hard at this time in my career, at Vaultus, Bluesocket, Xebialabs.

In NYC, I quickly linked up with the singularity group and went to a few sessions. One on bionics. I met the person running the group and I got a speaking slot for a friend, at one of the events. 

I was invited to the Global GF 2045. After the second day, I was sent a message inviting me to join prepared PHD's on the topic to give a more Kurzweilian perspective to balance theirs. I did that panel.


I, then met with a group of coders and described how I thought we could astrally project into another location and hold our energy body there. With code and a shaman moving his/her body out of our physical body. I had a blue print of what I felt was the code of the soul. That was about 10 years ago. A little longer. 

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