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Recording Music

I don't think too much, at this time. We need to clear certain technologies out of this world, before any of us can really begin to think. 

At Vaultus, I had an idea for a travel app and I asked one of the VCs what he thought. He suggested I don't do it because getting buy-in from a certain stakeholder would be difficult. I thought it would work and it still can. It has never been developed by anyone. 

Then, I went to a wedding in Lake Como and a band were at it. As we chatted. They said indie bands don't have much to do on the road and we discussed coming up with a platform for them to create clips and we broker them to large clients and agencies. We called it Cut Kicks. That was one of a few names. They were to do the band side, I was to get the agency buy in and we both were going to develop the features. A guy from Goldman Sachs wanted to come on board, as the CTO.  This was just before Corporate Jingle came about and that market shot up. Just before. I was highly monitored at this point, in my life. So, you thought an idea and it came out the next month, from someone else. That is what they do to people who are monitored. An Israeli man who I told the name to, took it and called his company ____kicks. It was what it was. 

From there, I started GFG and had 12 wearable tech ideas. Our first to launch was to be launched with one of the coders who was to work on the singularity project with me, but I dealt with harassment at this point. It got progressively more severe. 

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