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Vaultus acquired by Antennae


I was hired into Vaultus, while at Akamai Technologies. I came in as a Director of Marketing and I was on the executive team with the CEO and a shadow VC. My job was to rebrand them. They had just closed Etrade Mobile Pro and the baby Ad had launched and, though it was an exciting time, a recession loomed. The question was, could people pay for extending applications, when budgets were tightening up? My marketing budget was also small.  The mobile wave was supposed to hit and this pending recession could stop that wave. It was a concern.


Regardless, I stayed on track with my mission to rebrand. I started with a new website. With a very low budget, I hired a green designer/coder, who cost less, but I visualized everything. So, it benefited him to learn and it benefited us. e.g. I sent the globe image below, asked to use the navi as the background, to place logos above it and to magnify the Etrade logo out, with the spokes from the globe coming up like a bat signal.


They coded in Drupal. I like to visualize websites, anyway. So, this was a perfect situation. I sent him imagery, design styles and such.  He worked on upgrading that logo style, which was really helpful. The shadow VC, in a meeting, showed me the value of flowing your audience in through a site. It resonated with me. This new visual identity led to trust, and they were up against bigger players. They needed this. 

I also worked on a visual identity for sales, and conferences, and messaging. I met with RIM, Verizon, A T & T, Gartner, Microsoft. We worked on a whitepaper with AT & T and on many marketing campaigns and events. As part of the executive team. I went to the weekly meetings and presented to them my progress on the marketing front. The strategy was shifted from trying to get companies to mobilize sales teams, using the technology and other such extensions, to talking to possible acquirers about folding into their offering. The recession did hit, the mobile wave didn't and Vaultus was acquired at a difficult time in the American market. 

From my perspective. I worked long hours to deliver an excellent brand revamp, visual identity, messaging and partner presence. I was kept on until the end. One of the key players and I worked together, again. They were successfully sold to Antennae, during a recession.

During my time, at Vaultus, a recruiter reached out to me about marketing the Kindle. She said it was so frustrating that she couldn't get them to hire a marketing person and they needed one, to really take the Kindle to market, properly. She said, she couldn't get them to decide. The interesting thing is that Apple came out with the Ipad, around this time. She said she was two years stalling on Amazon hiring marketing.  I was also surprised that RIM, disappeared. I loved my blackberry. I met their team and it was all about advancing their message. I attended their events, and then they just were no more. Apple swept the market, on personal devices. 

Benjamen segal

Sales at Vaultus

Jeff Stromatt

Technology Partner

Oonagh is a sharp and talented business woman with great marketing skills. She is both creative in her ability to devise new campaigns and talented in executing them with an eye on results. Under her direction, Vaultus marketing became much more sophisticated and the level of activity increased significantly. We worked closely together on global wealth management, brokearage and high tech CRM campaigns. 

As part of my role in working with Microsoft ISV partners, I've had the privilege of working with Oonagh. In that time, I have found her to be consistently hard-working, proactive and creative, with the skills and attitude to drive successful projects. She is definitely a top tier marketer and person. 

Michael Toto

Manager at Verizon

Oonagh is consistent when managing projects and very dedicated to her work. She understands how critical time sensitive initiatives are and works them through to completion

Keith Waryas

Director, at Vaultus 

Oonagh is a creative and an exceptionally hard working marketer. She is particularly strong at boiling down technical capabilities and features to create concise, compelling messaging and value propositions and leveraging that messaging to deliver strong marketing content and programs. 

Miranda Salley

Miranda and I worked together. She was at Microsoft

Oonagh is a brilliant IT Marketing executive with outstanding innovative ideas and approach. She is diligent in her work holding high-standards consistently delivering impressive concepts. She is a strong leader with incredible organization skills and always impressed me with her concepts. She is spot on when it comes to reaching ideal markets and consumers and will prevail and be a valuable addition to any organization she engages with. 

Sasha Fernandes

Marketing and Customer Service Strategist

A brilliant Marketing mind is a beautiful thing and Oonagh's got it. She is constantly proactive with creative ways to deploy the mobility message. Ms. O'Regan brings passion, tenacity and that warm irish spirit is indelibly infused in every interaction. It is my pleasure to make this recommendation..

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