Entry to New Market, Synthesis, Visual Identity

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Before I moved to NYC, I wanted to take on one more quick project. I saw a VP of Marketing role with Xebialabs. They were an extension of Xebia with no branding, a splash website created by an engineer and they wanted to be introduced to the USA. 

The CEO had some English and I ghost wrote his quotes, etc. There were a few others at the office. Two in sales and a VP of Products who showed up sometimes but was vacationing and sightseeing most of the time. We just had different work ethics. 

I brought to them what I am good at, elegant branding and synthesis. I worked with them on brand story, messaging. I found an out-sourced designer and we worked to build a beautiful new website presence. I wrote a white paper for them, in the first few weeks, showing the link from CIO, to developer and how Dev Ops was evolving and where they fit. I worked with them on diagrams and such to elevate the visual presence. 

I attended conferences and built the support for that. I ran webinars and other lead generation working with a partner of mine from a previous company network. The result was the same, as always. People "trusted" the new consistent branding, understood the story and how and why to buy and sales went up. 

I left because I wanted to go to NYC or San Francisco, but also because the CEO and VP of Products were reporting back to the CEO in the Netherlands, incorrectly and saying they did my work. It just felt like I was working 12 hour days so they could do that. I took myself out of that situation, after already delivering perfect branding. 


Patrick Rafter

Boston Area PR and Marketing

I am proud and pleased to write an endorsement for Oonagh O'Regan. I've known, interacted and worked with Oonagh for several years and can recommend her highly. Having worked with a broad range of technology marketing/sales managers over the past 25 + years, Oonagh stands out in the crowd in several very positive ways. Beyond her dogged work ethic, Oonagh is super efficient in getting things done, has a refreshingly creative approach to marketing tech products and services that is both creative and delivers bottom line results. She not only gets the tech industry, she has shown a combination of strategic and tactical strengths, Given all those attributes plus her charm, charisma, and 'can do' spirit, I'd enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with her again. 

Stuart Kenley

Managing Director , at Cachet Solutions

Oonagh did a great job working with us at Cachet to assist us with opening new sales opportunities for the Xebialab's products in the UK. I would highly recommend her as an industrious, creative and skillful marketing manager for high tech software solutions. 

Martin Vleit

VP of Engineering

Oonagh took our company's brand, which was reasonably well established in Europe and took it to the next level expanding it here and building it up in the USA, virtually from scratch. She set up our marketing strategy from a high level, then followed through with execution. She is a pleasure to work with and got the results we needed.